Space Syntax

In my graduate studies at University College London the theory of “Space Syntax” was being developed by my professor Bill Hillier in the MSc course in architectural studies. Space syntax is a theory about the morphology of built form. Two key books on this subject are “The Social Logic of Space by Bill Hillier and Julienne Hanson and “Space is the Machine” by Bill Hillier.

Space is the Machine

Over the years this work evolved and grew. People engaged in the work started hosting bi-annual conferences. I was fortunate enough to have been traveling to London in 2003 and was able to attend the 4th Space Syntax conference held there. My interest on this work, which had been dormant for a while, was re-kindled.

Subsequent conferences which I attended were held in Delft, Holland and Istanbul. At the 7th International Space Syntax conference in Stockholm I presented a paper there called “Building Skin as a Connector, Not Representation.” Here is a link:

Building Skin as a Connector, Not Representation

The organizers of these conferences have the good sense to schedule them in really interesting cities – the photo is of the covered market place in Istanbul.

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