We had a great architect, Dana Bixby. She’s based in West Stockbridge. If you live in this area – or anywhere, for that matter – and need an architect, you won’t find one better than Dana. A sixteen-hundred square-foot doctor’s office is not exactly an architect’s dream project, but Dana put thought and imagination into every detail and it really shows. The space is warm and welcoming, attractive, and easy to work in.

— Dr. Andrew Schamess

I met Dana when I enlisted her to do some drawings for replacement windows that would be a bit larger than the originals. After a brief exchange and before I knew it, she had opened my eyes to the important opportunity I had to make my home so much more. Even though I had not had the intention of a larger project, and Dana never tried to sell me on such, I realized quickly that in the person of Dana I had a chance to have the house I always wanted and in doing add value to it in a cost effective way. She has been a delight to work with and has always been so respectful of my time and budget. She has a strong aesthetic sense of course, but does not impose it. She is ready to give as much guidance as is needed while allowing us to put our stamp on the project. Above all, I have felt that I could have my architectural flight of fancy and know that Dana would bring me gently back to Earth for a smooth landing. I have turned to her subsequently for a number of other projects at my other home and her knowledge and experience been invaluable in my recent project to subdivide a property in the area. I am hoping to find an excuse to build a new house with her. I would consider no other architect for the job.

— Phil Simkowitz