Summer House on Ice Glen Road in Stockbridge, MA

The original client purchased this house in 1992 and undertook a major renovation of the entire house.

The small 1970′s vintage vacation house, which had been a pre-fab package type of building, was transformed in a number of ways. The client requested an addition with a living room, garage, a work studio, new kitchen, and a screen porch. What was needed to make the transformation work was a new entry and a reorganization of the interior space to make the interior open and connected. The character of the house was tied to its context through the use of wood shingle siding, yet the modernist nature of the design is clear with the use of stucco elements, and a green, red, and yellow color scheme that the owner initiated.

In 2014 new owners acquired the house and came to Dana Bixby Architecture for renovation work which they did in two phases. The first phase included an expansion and renovation of the master bedroom and installation of bi-fold type doors in the kitchen and living room to replace the sliding doors. The second phase of the renovation included an extension of the living room so as to provide space for musical events and shop space on the ground level below.

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