Renovation of a House on Stevens Lake

The clients have a house on Stevens Lake in Monterey MA that they built about 30 years ago.  Around 2012 they undertook a major renovation of the entire house. This included all new siding, windows, roof, bathrooms, kitchen, and finishes.

One of the key challenges in the design of the renovation was to open the existing kitchen space to make a kitchen and dining area that would be open to the existing two-level timber framed living space. Removal of walls created an extended linear space.  A consistent pattern of large square windows was introduced as an element that ties the kitchen, dining, and living spaces together and opens the space to more expansive views of Stevens Lake.

One end of the linear space is terminated by the two-level living space.  At the other end of the space the client had asked for a bay window but the nature of the kitchen plan was not amenable to a conventional bay window. The asymmetrical angled bay window that we designed opened the kitchen space to the exterior, made the space work for seating at a cabinet peninsula, and provided a termination for the other end of the linear kitchen, dining, and living space.

We have carried out a number of other projects for these clients, including a screen porch at the Monterey house, a screen porch at their primary residence near Boston, and 3-4 other projects at their primary residence.  Currently,  we are constructing a smaller cottage on other property that the clients own near Stevens Lake.  Please have a look at the “Design and Construction” section of our site to see drawings of that.