Renovation and Additions for a House on Goose Pond, Tyringham

The clients had owned this house for thirty years with a sister and her husband. The other couple decided to build their own home in Monterey.  This is a second home and the clients, who live in Brooklyn, wanted more spaciousness and amenity in the house because they planned to use it more throughout the year.

The scope of the initial project, done in 2007, was extensive and included a new entry, stair, kitchen, and first floor master bedroom wing. A new heating system was installed, and the septic system had to be relocated to make room for the addition. An existing spiral stair was removed and the new stair in the entry addition served to reorganize and greatly improve movement in the house.

The builders for this initial project were Mark Jordan and Mike Caryofilles.

In 2014 the clients decided to add a family room in order to have more space for new grandchildren. The design for this incorporated a sitting area, fireplace, and play areas within the new space.  Susan Korte was the builder.