Spacial Dynamics – Senior Housing in Mechanicville, NY

I am doing exploratory work for Spacial Dynamics, LLC in Mechanicville, NY (1/2 hr north of Albany, NY). Spacial Dynamics is a movement education organization.

Spacial Dynamics owns a 1914 school building with a beautiful gym that they acquired ten tears ago. They use the gym portion as the home/headquarters for their work (which is international in scope.) There is a 1925 addition and a 1951 addition. The facility has 450′ of frontage on the Hudson river, immediate proximity to a town public boat dock, and is next door to a renovated church, aka Arts Center on the Hudson, that Jaimen acquired and renovated 3-4 years ago.

Over the years Spacial Dynamics has entertained a variety of proposals from developers to acquire and develop of the school portion of the building, but with no success. Recently they had some interest from a senior housing developer that has motivated the current activity.

With the aim of fully engaging with a senior housing developer, we are assembling a package comprising conceptual design, code analysis, cost estimates, marketing analysis, and financing possibilities.