Renovations and Addition to a House on Onota Lake, Pittsfield, MA

We have done several projects for this client at their house on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA.

The first project, done in 2005-6, was to add a terrace and screen porch with a fireplace and barbecue. The client was very interested that this fit into its surroundings and be well landscaped. In order to connect the new porch to the house, the house was renovated to create an open hall between the living room and porch and to make an exercise room.

The fireplace and barbecue were built with the engagement of the mason, Jim Morgan, who took the lead in helping the client create an integrated combination fireplace and barbecue. The barbecue pit is in the hearth of the fireplace and has an adjustable height grate.  Joe Wheaton, a sculptor, designed the hood for this.

A second project, completed in 2015, was to renovate other parts of the exterior at the driveway/garage end of the house. Leaks had developed in an awkwardly designed original facade element.  The entire facade at the garage end was re-worked with a new architectural language that included angled and curved steel columns, new trim lines, and an overall house paint color concept. Stone paving and steps were added on the lake side. The driveway was re-graded, re-paved, and cobblestone paving was added to define the entry to the house.

The most recent project, completed in 2018, was the construction of a detached pottery studio.