Two Houses on Stockbridge Bowl Stockbridge, MA

A 1930′s vintage summer cottage on Stockbridge Bowl was initiated as a renovation but grew into a complete re-build. For zoning reasons the new design had to conform to the footprint of the original house. Ultimately, the only portion of the original house that was retained was the fireplace.

Another project was done across the street from the first renovation on Stockbridge bowl. The regulatory issues were similar in terms of permitting, with the added aspect here that the “Lake and Pond Overlay District” regulations that are part of the Stockbridge Zoning requirements had to be adhered to since this house is directly on Stockbridge Bowl. A new crawl space foundation was put under the house to replace the existing pier foundation, a new second story was added, and an existing one-story wing was rebuilt as a two-story wing on a new footprint.

The client had owned this house for thirty years as a second home and moved form from Connecticut to use this as a full time residence. The owners of these houses have been friends on the Bowl for more than thirty years.