Restoration of a Historic House in Egremont

The clients own 25 acres of land in South Egremont where they plan to develop a back lot for one or two houses for themselves and family members. The front lot, which is the current project, contained two existing buildings: a small cottage by the river and an existing farmhouse-style building near the road. The scope of work undertaken in the initial stage included a new barn, redirection of the driveway around the barn, planing for the future houses at the rear of the property (with the intention that there be a common driveway shared amongst all the houses on the property), restoration of the cottage by the river, and restoration of the farm house near the road. The work by Dana Bixby Architecture on this project has included the master planning and site plan, assistance with permitting, design of the barn and renovations, construction drawings, and general assistance in all aspects of the project. The owner has been working very closely with the contractor, Brian Jefferies, on this project.